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Sic Parvis Magna

If you are not familiar with the Latin language then the title you just read may not make any sense to you. Sic Parvis Magna translates to "Greatness from small beginnings." Though we currently are a small local business here in Jacksonville Florida we strongly believe in the power of consistency and shooting for the moon.

JA Building Solutions was established in December 2021 by Jesse Allen who, at the time, was working as a project manager for a local roofing company handling retail and insurance claim roof work along with his partner Shanna Gardner. Jesse would perform the roof inspections while Shanna would educate the homeowners on the roofing processes and answer any questions they had.

Jesse decided to acquire his Florida home inspection license as he has an extensive construction background and launched his own construction company in Pennsylvania (where he originally is from.) During his time as a contractor, Jesse found a huge problem in the construction industry where homeowners would pay contractors to do home improvement work only to later find out that the work was subpar and costly to correct.

Shanna, having an extensive background in project management, customer relations, customer service, and business management, decided to help Jesse perform home inspections as she had very good attention to detail and could spot interior defects very well.

Both Shanna and Jesse worked performing home inspections together for a year until it was decided that together they could do and offer more to the community. In 2023 Jesse and Shanna decided to rebrand JA Building Solutions from just another home inspection company in Jacksonville Florida to a home and building solution company. The change, although subtle, shifted the focus from just inspecting homes for clients to helping homeowners find solutions to problems they face with home improvement or repair projects.

JA Building Solutions now focuses on solving problems for homeowners which has forced them to change their business model from a simple home inspection company to one that offers services in a way that rewards loyal homeowners and reputable home service providers at the same time.

"We are committed to continually bettering our systems and processes so that our clients/members receive the best experience possible. Greatness is not achieved overnight. Rather it is the collection of continued positive changes over time." - Jesse

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