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Spray-Net is more than just another painting company. They offer coating options for your roof, exterior, and cabinets that not only look beautiful they wear better than conventional paint.

Spray-Net First Coast, Jacksonville Florida

Spray-Net First Coast is a franchise in Jacksonville Florida that is owned and operated by James and Jessica Thompson and is part of the Spray-Net network. 


We partnered up with Spray-Net First Coast because in our experience they provide exceptional service, they care about who they service and how they operate, and the liquid coatings they offer are much better than any paint you will find on the market as far as durability and functionality. If you are looking to give your home a whole new look then you need to give them a call!


Linda Wilcoxen, Jacksonville

"Spray-Net just completed the painting of our home. Looks amazing! They made it seem easy even though I know it wasn't. Everyone was very hard working and conscientious about the work. Would completely recommend them!"

David K, Jacksonville

"Very professional! High quality product and high quality service. Crew was outstanding and very friendly, courteous. Plus it's owned by a local mom and pop! Highly recommend."

Danielle Binzer, Jacksonville

"Love, love, love my kitchen cabinets!! I love that I spray-net paint is guaranteed to last! I was so sick of my painted cabinet’s repeatedly chipping, only a few months after painting them. Grrr…! Spray-net is the only way to go! I’ll never have to repaint my cabinets again! Whoohoo! (Insert my happy dance!)"

How It Began

Spray-Net was created out of the need to find a product for people like you who want to give their home a fresh look without the drawbacks and limitations that conventional paint has. They needed a product that was easy to apply like paint but could hold up better under any weather conditions. In short, you get a product that holds up better than paint along with a factory finish.

Country Style Home

Transform Your Home!

Spray-Net First Coast offers coatings for your roof, home exterior, and cabinetry!

Key Info:
Spray-Net First Coast offers a variety of finish and color options to choose from for your roof, home exterior, and cabinets as well as comes with a 15 year warranty on all of their coating services so you don't have to worry about anything.
When you use Spray-Net First Coast for your roof, home exterior, or cabinetry you are getting a high quality and long lasting product that looks fantastic when completed and is all covered by a 15 year workmanship and material warranty!
new architectural shingle hip roof jacksonville florida

Liqua-Roof Your Roof!

Spray-Net First Coast offers liqua-roof which is a specially formulated coating that helps to protect your roof as well as regranulate it all in one application! This is a perfect solution for homeowners who need their roof to last a few more years without having to pay for a whole new roof.

Key Info:
Roofs that are older and more vulnerable to damage or leaking but in still good condition can be protected and refreshed for a fraction of what it would cost to get a new roof installed. Plus you still get a 15 year warranty on labor and materials!
1. Costs a fraction of getting a new roof installed.

2. Select from multiple color options.

3. 150 mph wind rating

4. Stronger impact protection from hail storms than factory shingles
Minimalistic Kitchen

Refinish Your Cabinets!

Spray-Net First Coast has the cabinet refinishing options that you need!

Key Info:
Spray-Net First Coast offers a variety of finish and color options to choose from for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets as well as backing their work with a 15 year warranty on labor and materials
1. Factory finish look.

2. Multiple color options to choose from.

3. High quality and durable paint that will not crack, chip, shrink, or peel.

4. Done in a few days.
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