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JA Building Solutions LLC Refund Policy

These terms and conditions are effective 01/01/2023 and constitute the return and refund policy of JA Building Solutions LLC.

Thank you for your purchase! If you are not happy or sure about your purchase, we are here to make it right.

Terms and Conditions for Subscription Services:

  1. Customers may purchase, upfrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription to their membership at any time by logging into their account through the Stripe Customer Portal. Customers will no longer be charged in accordance with their purchased membership plan but will not be refunded any payments associated with purchasing the subscription.

  2. Customer forfeits any and all cash/points accumulated in their membership account via purchases for home and building services and/or products from our recommended contractors for their home through JA Building Solutions immediately upon any premium membership cancellation.


Terms and Conditions for JA Building Solutions Services:

  1. Pre-Payments made directly to JA Building Solutions LLC for services shall be fully refunded if the following condition is met;

    1. Customer pre-pays for one or more services and then cancels the contract agreement within the “consumer right to rescind” window that is specified by law and or services are rendered.

  2. Payments for home inspection services rendered will are not refundable unless the inspector fails to perform the home inspection to industry standards.

  3. Payments for advisory services rendered are not refundable unless the advisor fails to perform his/her fiduciary duties and causes harm to the client.

  4. Payments for project management services are not refundable unless the project manager fails to perform such services to company standards.

Customer Support Information:

Customer support services are available to our customers during normal business hours. You can contact our customer support team at or our office at 904-800-9811. All complaints must be submitted in writing to the above email address and will be answered as soon as possible in the order in which they are received.


Modifications To This Policy:

We reserve the right to make changes to or modify this policy at any time and for any reason but we will notify you of the changes.


Thank you for choosing JA Building Solutions LLC!

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