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What Is A Home Inspection?

Updated: Jan 30

When asked what a home inspection is the typical response is "A visual only examination of the current condition of the structure." While this gets the point across does it really explain what all goes into a home inspection?

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One House, Many Moving Parts

The typical homeowner may not be aware that on a daily basis there are multiple systems all operating at once inside and outside of your home. When you go to sleep at night and even in the morning when you wake up in your bed you have already reaped the benefits of modern technology and these systems.

While you are sleeping in your bed your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is hard at work keeping your bedroom (and the other rooms in your house) at a comfortable temperature.

The electrical system is busy keeping your phone charged, providing power to the climate controls for the HVAC system and appliances like your refrigerator (keeping your stored food at a proper temperature), and your hot water heater tank to provide you hot water for when you get a shower.

Your roof obviously provides shelter and protection from the rain so you don't get wet and the structure of the house literally provides support for all your homes' systems because the electrical wires and plumbing lines (for both plumbing and HVAC), and insulation literally all run through your attic space one way or another and are attached to either the wall studs or rafters.

Each of these systems work in tandem with one another (and often in the background of our daily life) to provide a safe and comfort living environment.