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The Home Inspection Report

Updated: Jan 30

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When you are in the process of home buying, typically, before your close the deal you would have a home inspection performed. A home inspection report (click link for a sample) is a document you receive after the inspection is completed. Make sure you understand how to read your home inspection report so that you can make informed purchasing decisions.


1. Learn About Any Issues Your Home May Have

I wrote an article entitled What To Expect Before, During, and After A Home Inspection that explains how to prepare for your home inspection. No home is built perfect and over time the different systems and components of those systems will eventually become aged and wear out. Your inspection report will give you information regarding these systems as well as give you guidance on what additional service professional(s) you may need. NOTE: A home inspection is not technically exhaustive and things will likely be missed.

2. Obtain Repair Estimates

Now that you know what all in and on your home needs corrected it is time to get repair estimates. Our reports will highlight any maintenance items, our recommendations for repairs, as well as any