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How To Stripe Your Lawn

Updated: Jan 30

Keeping your lawn maintained is a necessary part of owning a home or building. But it’s not enough to simply cut the grass if you like a professional look. We all have at one point in our life seen stripes on a well-maintained lawn. Not only do lawn stripes look amazing and add serious curb appeal to your home and property they are actually quite simple to do. In this blog article, we will cover the four basic steps you need to do in order to achieve the best-looking lawn stripes. Keep in mind, well-maintained lawns and clearly defined lawn stripes require dedication and consistency. So don’t lose hope if it doesn’t happen right away.


Step one: The basics

The very first thing you need in order to have your lawn look like it was done by a professional landscaping and lawn care company is you have to understand what makes a lawn stripe look the way they do and how you can harness that understanding and channel your inner lawn care guru so you you can be striping like a pro in no time! Scientifically speaking, the way that the sunlight reflects off of the grass blades are what gives your lawn, the dark and light green patterns that your eyes see. The light green stripes are reflecting sunlight in the dark green stripes are absorbing the sunlight. So as you mow away from you or an object, the grass will appear to be lighter, and as you mow towards you or an object that stripe will appear to be darker. If you switch directions or just walk to the opposite side of the yard the stripes will appear to be reversed. You will