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Don’t Forget to Do THIS With Your Refrigerator!

Updated: Mar 10

There are thousands, if not millions, of tiny dirt and dust particles in the air. These particles over time will collect and build up on the grate and evaporator coils of household appliances like your kitchen refrigerator or freezer. (See Image Below)


This picture was taken during the cleaning process but you can still see the clumps of dirt that are clogging up the appliances' grate. That grate is designed to help stop objects from entering (like your Roomba, for example) and to protect the pump and cooling system components. The moisture in the air (which is the amount depends on your region. Florida's tropical climate will have more humidity which means there will be higher moisture levels in the air) acts as a type of glue and holds the tiny dirt and dust particles to the surface of the grate. Over time, those particles begin to compound and eventually clog the grate which causes a restriction of proper airflow.