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Why Become A Member?

Becoming a member of any organization means you get exclusive access to member rewards, benefits, and special perks. Here at JA Building Solutions we have the Better Home and Building membership program where you get access to exclusive benefits, rewards, and special promotions with us and home service providers within our network.


One Membership. Tons Of Benefits!

Here is a list of some of the benefits for members:

  • Priority Support - Premium members get priority support when it comes to answering questions, scheduling services, rush orders, and anything else our premium members need.

  • Free Expedited Service- Need your project or service completed ASAP? Premium members get unlimited rush order requests at no extra charge.

  • Exclusive Discounts and Deals - Premium members get exclusive discounts on our services and service packages as well as exclusive deals and promotions from our in-network service providers as well as special pricing at our online store (coming soon.)

  • Better Home and Building Newsletter (coming soon) - If you are a fan of learning then this newsletter is for you! It has everything from company updates, to home improvement product information, to special deals for premium members, and so much more!

  • Recommended Contractor List Deals - Our Recommended Contractor List is available to everyone. It is a collection of contractors and home improvement service providers who are pre-screened by us for customer support service, and product quality. Premium members get exclusive promotions and discounts from our in-network home and building service providers when they request services from these providers through us.

  • Exclusive Reward Perks (coming soon) - Like getting rewarded for your purchases? Premium members receive 2% cash/points back on any of our services as well as purchases made through us to our in-network service providers. This includes any repairs, improvements, renovations, additions, or other types of home improvement services on residential homes.


1 / How Long Does My Membership Last?

You can choose one of our three (free, monthly, or yearly) subscription membership plans that work best for you. The monthly and yearly plans automatically renew at the end of the plans duration unless you decide to cancel.

2 / What Happens If I Cancel My Premium Membership?

If you decide to cancel for any reason then you may choose to downgrade to our free membership plan or simply cancel completely. Canceling a  premium membership will result in a loss of all premium benefits including but not limit to reward perks and exclusive warranties.

3 / Can I Use My Rewards Credit Card To Make Purchases?

Yes! If you have your own personal or business rewards card you can take advantage of its rewards plus ours. You will still be subject to whatever rules the bank that gave you that card has and there is a 3% convenience fee that is charged when using any bank card so keep that in mind.

4 / Is The Membership Only For Homeowners?

No. The membership is for any one individual or company that owns one or more non commercial properties. Limit one account per household and or company. 

5 / Do My Reward Points/Cash Expire?

No. The points and or cash rewards you accumulate each time you make a home improvement purchase through us never expire but you will lose all accumulated points/cash if you fail to renew your premium membership.

6 / What Can I Use My Reward Points/Cash For?

You can use your accumulated points/cash to purchase home improvement, repair, or any other construction or home maintenance related services that are performed through us by our in-network service providers.

7 / How Do I Earn Points/Cash Back?

In order to take advantage of your 2% points/cash back rewards you must have an active premium account and buy home improvement products and or services from our in-network providers through us.

8 / How Much Is A Premium Membership?

Currently, premium memberships are $19.99 a month or $149.99 per year.

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