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Advisory Services


It is no wonder why highly successful people have one or more advisors on their team. A great advisor is a wealth of knowledge and expertise that you can leverage to help ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

WHY CHOOSE JA Building Solutions?

At JA Building Solutions we are here for our clients long term taking on a fiduciary role and acting on your behalf for your best interests. This means that as we cultivate a long-term relationship with you, we will help you make decisions that work best for you and your family so that you don't have to sit through and deal with multiple sales pitches and phone calls to find your perfect product or service. You can instead leverage our experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect product or service faster and easier.

Current Advisory Services

Luxury Home
Kitchen Interior with Island
Modern Bathroom
Home Consultation
$149.99 per hour
Roof Consultation
$149.99 per hour
Kitchen Consultation
$149.99 per hour
Bathroom Consultation
$149.99 per hour

Current Deal

Holiday Sale

For a limited time through the holiday season get a FREE in-home consultation!


Ready To Meet With A Consultant?

Please request your ideal date and time below and someone will reach out to you to finalize your appointment.


Whether you need help identifying a problem or finding a company to fix the problem our team of consultants is here for you! Our consultants will meet with you in person to discuss your situation and work with you to find a solution.

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