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Our Story

Sic Parvis Magna - "Greatness From Small Beginnings"

After working in the construction industry as a project manager, partners Jesse Allen and Shanna Gardner saw how difficult it was for homeowners and commercial building owners to find quality building products and deal with reputable contractors. 

Shanna herself, even after doing her research, has personally experienced the financial and emotional stresses of having to deal with the aftermath of a home builder who left her with a home built too low in a flood zone. 

Jesse, having experience as a contractor and who is a Florida Licensed Home Inspector, has seen a plethora of poor workmanship and the financial and emotional devastation it can bring.

Together, they built JA Building Solutions. A home inspection and building solution company where people, like you can get help with inspections and the overall improvement of their home or commercial building without having to feel pressured into buying a product or service they don't need.

Planting a Tree
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