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JA Building Solutions, LLC is your One-Stop Shop For Home and Building Solutions! Established in February of 2022 by our Founder/CEO and CPI (Certified Professional Inspector) Jesse Allen along with partners Shanna and Jay Gardner. To date, our company has already helped countless others solve their home and building problems. 

Our Story

Like everyone back in 2020 when COVID-19 spread worldwide panic and fear Jesse found himself in need of a job. He had just moved to a brand new city to him, Jacksonville Florida, and, like most entrepreneurs starting out, had big dreams! Teaming up with Shanna, the two worked as project managers for a local roofing company, Elo Roofing (formerly Elo Restoration) helping homeowners through the process of receiving new full roof replacements as well as managing the paperwork involved for both retail and insurance work. After a few years of both inspecting the roofs as well as managing the project, Jesse decided to pursue his Florida home inspection license. 

From his experience as a contractor and after both owning and running a construction company he built from nothing back in the State of Pennsylvania, he noticed that homeowners had a really tough time finding honest and reliable service professionals to help them when they needed it. 

"In my experience, the number one complaint I heard from homeowners when I showed up to perform a service was they had called multiple service providers before my company and none of them showed up. You can ask any one of my former clients, they became long-term customers of my company because they knew I was upfront and honest with them and I did what I said I was going to do including showing up on time." Jesse has said countless times.

To date, even though we started out as a home inspection company we have since evolved into more than that. We care about our clients and work tirelessly on new ways to both help our clients solve their problems as well as equip the
m with resources that they can use on a regular basis to ensure the best customer experience possible. 



Our Vision.

To help our clients find their homes and building solution. If you own a property, we can help you solve the problem!


Our Mission.

To educate, equip, and provide quality services and resources to our clients so they have the best


possible experience.

Contact Us

15216 Forest Trail Road

Jacksonville, Florida 32234


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